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WeAlign combines scientifically validated therapies and metrics, with engaging gamification, and transparent data analytics. WeAlign empowers users to play and track their progress from the comfort of their own home.


We are currently developing our software. 

Improve Balance

Vestibular impairment increases as we age, affecting an estimated 35.4% of adults, over age 40. This leads to imbalance, dizziness, and an increased risk of falling.

Our beta platform is launching soon, sign up and be one of the first to use the game. By joining WeAlign you will be contributing to our mission to give users freedom and independence.

We are currently developing our software. Get in touch if you would like to be part of shaping WeAlign!


Play, Track, Measure, and Grow

Inspired by my mother, WeAlign uses Vestibular Rehabilitation techniques to improve balance from the comfort of your own home. Play, Track, Measure, and Grow!