Welcome to the WeAlgin

We want to empower everyone to have a life with freedom and independence.

Why We Do 

I founded WeAlign after witnessing my mother’s struggle with vestibular impairment. I used my design expertise to find positive interventions.  Together, we combine design, engineering, and enterprise for social impact. WeAlign began as my graduate project while studying Innovation Design Engineering. Using human centred design and engineering, I prototypes and iterated various interventions to assist dizzy people, finding that vestibular rehabilitation can help dizzy people regain their equilibrium. However, access to vestibular rehabilitation is limited. WeAlign hopes to increase access to rehabilitation.  

We are currently developing and testing our prototype, for the next three months. If you would like to join us, please be in touch!

- WuQing Hipsh 


We have are finalist for We Innovate from Imperial College London's Enterprise Lab, EIBC Champions of the Champions National Competition, and shortlisted for the Helen Hamlyn Design Award, and interviewed by the BBC. 

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Founder, CEO

WuQing Hipsh

WuQing is an interdisciplinary design researcher driven by a passion to discover human-centred design solutions for social change. She began her career as an artist and teacher working in diverse institutions, from schools serving underprivileged students, to adoptee support groups for interracial, transnational adoptees. She went to graduate school to learn how to make systemic change as a designer. Her artwork has been displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and was featured in the New York Times, Art and Design Section, and she has been interviewed on BBC London, a guest on an episode of Project Runway. She is a finalist in the WE Innovate competition at Imperial Enterprise Lab, and a national finalist for the EIBC Competition for engineers in business.



Taisuke Ikawa

Taisuke Ikawa joined as co-founder and CTO. Taisuke has a PhD in Advanced Biomedical studies, and over seven years of experience as a biomedical engineer, designing software for Canon and medical devices for CMIC.